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AI in HR & Talent Analytics

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The program created by the top of line 3AI thought leaders with extensive HR, workforce & talent analytics experience & knowledge and supplemented with an extensive array of industry use cases

HR has always been about people, and this remains true today. However, given the rapid transformation in today’s organizations, the need for data-driven decision making has become essential. There is both a shortage of analytical talent within HR and an increasing demand for these types of skills. More than ever, HR aspirants , professionals &  leaders are expected to be proficient in the use of HR data and analytics. However, figuring out where to start with analytics, how to evaluate and critique HR data, and how to best communicate and translate results to the broader organization remain key challenges.

HR & Talent Analytics program focuses on building analytical acumen and taking a strategic and operational view of talent & workforce analytics. Using multiple industry use cases across end-to-end HR value, learners will examine outcomes and drivers of HR & Talent analytics. Through the HR analytics capabilities coverage , learners will be positioned to examine common and current HR challenges around hiring talent, engaging the workforce, managing retention, and evaluating workforce diversity. They will also be exposed to understanding a cost-based approach to determine the business impact and return on investment associated with HR analytics initiatives. By the end of this program, learners will have developed the strategic and systematic measures necessary to excel in HR analytics. This program is designed for HR professionals , students, aspirants & enthusiasts who want to build their organization’s HR analytics capabilities, derive meaning from metrics and results, and tell persuasive stories involving HR and organizational data. With these skills, learners will have a stronger voice in using talent analytics to persuade others toward actions that best align with organizational goals.

Who Should Attend ?

  • HR , Talent , L&D functional associates , managers & directors

  • CHRO , VPs of HR

  • HR Consulting, startup professionals , HR members from GCC’s , IT & BPM firms

  • Business Management / HR specialization students with Internship (or) Work Experience

  • HR mavens , enthusiasts & savants

Learning Outcomes

  • Topical trends in HR & Talent industry

  • Extensive knowledge of holistic HR value chain analytics

  • Analyze and visualize data to inform business recommendations and decisions

  • Develop HR analytics capabilities in your organization

  • Apply rigorous analysis to common HR challenges around hiring top talent, engaging the workforce, managing retention, and evaluating workforce diversity

  • Apply a cost-based approach to determine the business impact of investments in HR initiatives

3AI Surge Unique Program Format: Heutagogy Approach

  • Self-Study Mode + Pre Recorded Video Sessions + External References links & bibliography for all program topics
  • Slide Deck Version of Complete Content (easy to learn & refer ) – pace your own learning
  • Complimentary Report on HR Analytics
  • 120 minutes masterclass session from the expert